BOTOX® Therapy and TMJ Treatment in Orange County

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders including teeth grinding (Bruxism), headaches, severe stress, and lock jaw can be therapeutically treated with BOTOX® therapy. BOTOX® is placed in specific muscles which work with your TMJ and can provide relief. Clenching and grinding can contribute to severe headaches. As the clenching and grinding is alleviated by TMJ treatment, so are the headaches. Dr. Cifarelli specializes in identifying the signs of teeth grinding and can help put you on path to relief.

What is a TMJ headache?

Patients can have difficulty distinguishing a TMJ headache from a traditional one. TMJ headaches are typically the result of teeth grinding or tensing up of jaw muscles but can also be linked to issues relating to osteoarthritis, joint hypermobility, or osteoporosis.

Is BOTOX® the best TMJ pain treatment?

For those who have not experienced relief from acupuncture, physical therapy, a custom night guard or night time appliance, or for those who cannot tolerate those, this can be of great benefit to you. Dr. Cifarelli herself has benefited from these treatments and can attest to the relief it can provide. This is currently a common, yet off-label use of BOTOX ® or Dysport™ therapy. Patients report a significant decrease in soreness, jaw tension, headaches, and muscle pain.

Tips to stop grinding teeth

Teeth grinding or bruxism traditionally occurs while we sleep and can be linked to stress or anxiety. A thorough health history along with a detailed examination of your teeth, bite, airway and TMJ are essential for correctly diagnosing your condition along with prescribing the best treatment modality.

Tips to help stop teeth grinding are:

  • 1. Seek help: Teeth grinding may be a symptom of other sleep-related, or airway issues so also seek help from your primary healthcare provider.
  • 2. Meditate: Meditation can help reduce the stress and anxiety that may contribute to bruxism. There are number of great mobile apps and services that offer daily meditation courses.
  • 3. Exercise: Endorphins are our body’s way to relief stress and pain. Exercise produces endorphins that can help shift your mood and provide the relaxation your body needs for a restful night’s sleep.

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