Our dentists have long been masters in the field of sedation dentistry. We want your dental appointment to be the most relaxing, safe, and enjoyable experience you’ve ever had.

We use nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation to assist our patients relax while they are receiving treatment. Nitrous oxide is a conscious sedative that can help people feel less anxious during dental procedures.

It’s a moderate sedative that won’t knock you out, but it will lower your sensitivity to any feelings you could have throughout the procedure. Because the effects of nitrous oxide wear off quickly after treatment, you are unlikely to have any negative side effects.

Oral Conscious Sedation, often known as sleep dentistry, twilight dentistry, or relaxation dentistry, is performed by administering sedatives at the start of your appointment. These drugs make you feel relaxed and have the added benefit of causing short amnesia, which means you won’t remember anything about the surgery.

We usually prescribe a sedative medication for you to take immediately before your visit in order to guarantee that you are calm the next day. During the operation, our team will keep a close eye on you.

You should not have any adverse effects following the therapy, but if you do, please contact one of our professionals. You’re free to show off your new smile to your friends and family after you’ve seen it for the first time.

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