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Dental Bonding Dana Point

When you have a set of teeth that are made complicated by gaps and openings, this may bring down the confidence you have in your smile. Our experts at Dana Point Dental have a solution that is well prepared and specialized to address these issues.

Our bonding treatments are a highly recommended option to fill in missing teeth and eliminate noticeable gaps. We apply a resin or filling onto your teeth which is polished and colored to match its natural look. Our fillings come in a variety of materials such as gold, composite, or porcelain.

Tooth colored fillings are an alternative to traditional metal fillings and fall into two categories, direct and indirect. Direct restorations are composite resin applied in one appointment.

Indirect restorations (inlays or onlays) are made of porcelain or composite resin materials fabricated by a dental laboratory. These restorations usually take two appointments.

Whether you receive direct or indirect fillings, you will unquestionably leave with an attractive smile. Contact our office and experience our locally renowned bonding treatments.

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